No matter how you watch the big game...

wingfan your official NFL wingman app.


Play-by-Play Translator

*1st and 10 > Your team
has 3 more tries.

Animated Drama Meter

*Coaches you when to
cheer, boo, trash talk.


*Ask anything during the game.

Compete With

*Predictions, Picks, Trivia, WingFantasy.

Earn Points and WingFan Bucks redeemable for custom Boosters & Rewards.
Check-In to affiliated bars, restaurants, and events for discounts.


Non-avid fans feel precluded or uninterested while watching the game. They are unable to interpret NFL jargon or historic references and find it hard to embrace league drama, team rivalries, and players. View Pitch Deck


Introducing WingFan -- A fun, predictive, gamified app for avid and non-avid fans. A real-time interactive social gaming experience that organically connects friends before, during, and after the game. Contact us at the email address below for release updates.


Fan or not, we'd love to hear from you. When you watch the big game are you disinterested or engaged? Do you have a favorite team or follow any players on social media? Do you keep up with team/player news or gossip? Do you use any sports apps? Start Survey


We're currently funding development. Request to view the design UI/UX prototype. Our hybrid revenue model supports revenue generation outside of the app thru key advertising partnerships. Please contact us at the email address below to inquire about investing.