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We understand the market.

At Startup Venture Partnerships (SVP), we support innovation around the world by forging key relationships to carefully research, design, develop, and launch new and existing mobile apps with profit potential. The global mobile application market is projected to reach $497.09 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 21% from 2019 to 2024. Another primary driver of the market is the growing penetration of smartphones. The increasing sale of smartphones is providing significant growth opportunities for mobile app developers. This is expected to propel the growth of the global mobile apps market during the forecast period:

Globally, consumers downloaded a record 255 billion apps in 2022 and they spent $167 billion on apps (via subscriptions and in-app spending), in the past year. The average mobile user, meanwhile, is spending 5 hours per day using apps. This data and more comes from Data.ai’s annual report, “State of Mobile 2023” which highlights the biggest app trends for the past year, and sets forecasts for the years ahead. Mobile devices, whether they’re smartphones or tablets, have become items most of us can’t imagine our lives without. 

We’re selective.

Given the above global market growth, SVP is very particular about the apps we partner with, only supporting mobile applications that we’ve thoroughly explored to have longevity in a respective industry/market. We operate at the forefront of technology, helping entrepreneurs and investors contribute to promising mobile app startups. The graphic below is an example of what key areas we explore across the market to determine whether an app is ripe for partnership or not:

We’re experienced.

Our network of strategic partners combines over 40 years of experience, across a talented pool of consultants, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, UI/UX designers, software developers, global technology ambassadors, fortune 500 companies, and more. We’re quickly expanding our executive/leadership team to scale our operation into the future. Do you have a new or existing mobile app? Are you an investor or a funding entity looking for profitable new opportunities?  Contact us for a free consultation. Let’s partner for success.  The graphic below depicts how your app idea (or existing mobile app) aligns with specific industry categories:

We’re diverse and inclusive.

SVP supports the evolution and growth of individuals, businesses, and communities with limited access to technology resources — to include affordable software development and/or strategic partnerships.  We’ll work with you every step of the way to determine level of effort to design, develop, monetize, and launch your app. If you have an existing mobile app, we’ll improve the app based on it’s pros / cons and strengths / weaknesses.

We partner with investors and funding entities.

Once you’re comfortable with moving forward, we’ll forge a mobile app partnership in exchange for equity and evaluate investment options considering the industry your app resides in.  Some mobile app startups aren’t great candidates for investment, so we’ll do our homework to make sure we can provide the right formula for success. Below are the types of funding we provide for mobile app startups: 

Here are some of the metrics and investment criteria we consider when evaluating whether an app has investment potential:

*If you’re an investor or entity with access to capital, please contact us to learn more about our portfolio of mobile apps.

Data + Analytics = Return on Investment (ROI).

Given our mission to enable the creation and success of mobile app startups, we focus on long-term, stable growth to provide a high Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore, to maximize profitability, we integrate app analytics to capture and visualize data generated by your mobile app. This is critical to profitability. Most apps don’t generate revenue because the data to support app monetization is often scattered across an industry.  We build apps that collect, analyze, and monitor this data, to generate revenue exponentially over time. 

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