SVP’s Founder Joins the “Supa Dupa Podcast”

Posted on January 25, 2021 By admin

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Episode 33: App Development (January 21, 2021) – This week on the @supadupapod we talk with Clayton Harris, #HowardAlum and founder of Startup Venture Partnerships (SVP), about helping others develop their own apps and creating diversity in technology.

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About the Supa Dupa Podcast:

Welcome to the Supa Dupa Podcast featuring our host Rob Griggs. He’s from Chicago, went to school in Massachusetts, is the baby brother of two older sisters, and the older brother of his sister-niece. A father of triplets, he’s bad at painting, has flat feet, has a late problem and likes vanilla ice cream with M&Ms. His parents are from the South and he grew up on the South Side. His Mom’s fried chicken is better than anything you’ve ever had. He admires Diddy, Bill Simmons, Rob Dyrdek, and thinks Angela Rye is perfect. He’s a Bulls, Bears, and Sox fan. MJ is the GOAT. He’s a drummer and thinks Steph Curry is the greatest shooter. Ever. So he’s the best person to talk about everything and nothing at the same time. We hope you enjoy each episode because we had fun making them. Please subscribe wherever you find your podcasts. This podcast is brought to you by HP53 Productions. Follow the podcast on Instagram @supadupapod and visit us on the web at