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AboveBoard - Clayton Harris - SVP

Posted on September 12, 2022 By admin

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Startup Venture Partnerships, Founder and President, Clayton Harris, joins us for our latest AboveBoard “Faces of Leadership” conversation. You’ll learn about how to lead through empowerment, the benefits of diversity in the workplace, and how and why to broaden your recruitment strategy. Decades of leadership in the tech industry taught Harris that efficiency, progress, and partnership are more than just a work strategy—it’s a leadership style. Read the full article:

ABOUT AboveBoard:
AboveBoard is an inclusive platform that connects senior executives to exclusive leadership roles at today’s leading high-growth companies and organizations. We expand access to career opportunities and resources for underrepresented groups of executives, including Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and women.  Please visit AboveBoard if you’re looking for inclusive executive leadership career growth opportunities, http://aboveboard.com